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Ernie Couch & Revival


Thank you for taking time to visit the EC&R website. Here you will find a wealth of information as to the whats, whens, wheres, whos and hows!

In 1989 Ernie Couch and Jason Couch began working together on-the-road with the famous Plainsmen Quartet. Ernie already had a history with the group when Jason came onboard to play keyboards. A few short years later they formed Ernie Couch & Revival. Now, over two decades and a zillion miles later, they continue to share the "Good News" through music to thousands of folks, coast-to-coast. Through the years, many have tried to find a specific label for Ernie's and Jason's broad spectrum of musical styles. Maybe something nebulous like Americana Gospel best fits, but whatever the title, folks from eight to eighty-eight love their music!

Check-out the site and then make Ernie and Jason a part of your next event.